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Bienvenue à Liam !

Hello! I’m Liam and I’m the English language assistant from Great Britain. My home town is in the north of England and is near to Manchester (I’m sure you know Manchester because of football!). I’m a university student at Newcastle University and I study modern languages, including French, Spanish and Portuguese. I’m here in Guérande to practise my French, to experience the culture and to have the opportunity to work in the classroom. It has been really useful for me being here because in the future I would like to be a teacher, but as a university professor. During my three months here, I have worked with the four great English teachers at La Mennais in many different classes from all 3 year groups. I’ve held conversation groups, taught classes and seen the students make real progress with their English, so it has been a great experience at La Mennais.

I really hope I get the chance to come back and visit in the future!