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Cafeteria Conversations


We are students of the Second and we are members of the English cafeteria conversation group that is held on Tuesdays. At the moment there are 14 of us who meet at lunchtime to have a meal together and speak in a foreign language.

It is a really interesting, useful and fun way to improve your language skills. We talk about different things, discuss a variety of topics and sometimes we also play games. There are two assistants at present: Maša and Jan-Luka.

They are both very nice and help us when we struggle with vocabulary
and cannot find the appropriate words. We are very lucky, because there are some international who usually join us; presently, we have a pen pal from America with us, who offers first-hand information about her home country. By taking part in these conversation we get to learn a lot about cultural differences, which enriches our cultural awareness.

Maša is Slovenian and is really nice, as is Jan-Luka, who is German. With them we are free to discuss everything – we talk about travelling, music, sport, culture or about our plans for the future. We love these luncheons when we learn new things and improve our English in a relaxed atmosphere.

(Students do not wish their names to be included)